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I can understand your frustrations (you should have seen the wiki before I got to it…), I felt the same way when I started with the RetroPie project which is what compelled me to try and fix the wiki (I’m still trying… also as a side note I keep the wiki updated to the latest emulators, including experimental packages and I try to make note of which need to be installed manually to be included; on top of the idea that a rom has to be in its respective rom folder in order to show up on the emulationstation front end.)

It’s hard to keep up documentation with a project like this that changes so quickly with each release. Couple that with the multiplicity of emulators, the different projects people do, along with many different kinds of hardware- there is definitely not a one size fits all solution. That’s probably why the forum and Wiki are so disjointed.

Being a community based project there are plenty of sources to learn and it is always appreciated when people like you with a fresh perspective can document their work, particularly for those just learning about the project. Thanks for your efforts :)