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Thanks for the files feederchain, you are a true hero =) That solved my trigger happy joystick movement. I do still have a problem to solve that I hope some merciful person can help me with here. I have installed the Retropie 2.6.0 for my Pi2, and wired up the Xin-Mo 2player control board. The “jstest /dev/input/js0 and js1” Gives all the right inputs. However, I can not get them to work inside any roms yet. I have tried inside the pre loaded Doom and such, but nothing works. (Btw I only have 2*6button + 1/2player buttons) In emulationstation both sets of joysticks and buttons work they way they should, but not inside the roms as said above. I guess this have something to do with mapping of buttons, but I have red my eyes sore trying to find out what files to alter, and what to do with the “problem” that I don’t have 2 extra buttons as most people seems to have.

If anyone bother to read this, and point me to somewhere/ help me, you would get loads of carma coming your way ;)

Thanks in advance.