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[quote=93098]I think I have finally been able to get both of my controllers now connecting at boot. I did pretty much what was detailed in this thread. My one question is about the red lights on my PS3 controllers. They both show as #2. Is that normal? I would think that I should have one as #1 and the other as #2, no?

UPDATE: Just after posting this I tried a game and I don’t have any controls working even though both controller at boot are found as Bluetooth controllers. This is very frustrating. I am rebooting again and see what the deal is.


I had the same problem. Turn on your controllers one at a time. Don’t turn on the second until the first is booted. Do you have any other usb joysticks installed taking up the js0 position. I had a encoder board that would take up the js0 position and the ps3’s would take the js1 and js2 position (player 2 and 3 on the leds)