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[quote=92505]I own Photoshop. It shouldent be a problem:)

I have startet experimenting and hope for the best. Right now i am using a with og 700px. It may be to large but then i can just try a smaller size.

Thanks for all the help:)
I find using a large size image, but reducing the colors makes an acceptable file.
First you only need 72 dpi.
Even 1920 x 1080 at 72 dpi and 256 colors is great for emulator selection pictures.
In Photoshop, choose export for web.
I make a png8 file with 256 or less colors, dither, no transparent background.
A large JPEG may only be 400KB, but decompressed it can use 5-6MB!
A png with 256 or 128 colors at 1080 may be 500KB, but that is neither compressed nor does it need to be scaled up.
I just described using this for 1920×1080 images, but you can do the same for game art.