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Your guess is as good as mine.I have all the mame roms(the correct number)and still won’t play most of the games I loaded.I have 2000 games loaded in the fba and about 5 of them work.The people who made these emulators lied on the compatibly sheet that are included in the system.Street fighter 3.Fba,advance mame and mame all say they run this game.I even download loaded the number attached to the game and still nothing.Im gonna put snes nes sega and atari on it and give it to some lucky kid.I have 10 real computers that don’t have these kind of problems.I hate the pi it has really stole about 3 months of life and I want it back.It would have been nice to have all my games on a dedicated machine but I’m done wasting my time for not.Oh yea not one reply from this website in all that time.