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The wiki is open for the community to contribute and develop so if you have some ideas to make it better then by all means go for it!

Some simple guidelines:

I feel it would be best to keep the getting started section at the beginning as short and concise as possible just so its easy for beginners to see what they need to do first.

Then it is followed by the list of emulators.

Each emulator page is laid out like this:

-Console logo

-Short description of console

-Emulators for that console

-accepted file extensions
-where to place the ROMs

BIOS (if applicable)
-file name of bios (but not a link to it as that can’t be provided)
-where to place the bios
-retroarch controls first with a link to the main retroarch page (if it is a libretrocore emulator)
-then non-retroarch emulator specific controls

-Followed by videos and or advanced configurations/troubleshooting for that specific emulator.

I’ll try to keep on top of new emulators that are added and with each official SD image i’ll probably create a page with all the new changes and updates.

Any and all help is appreciated :)