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[quote=91789]Easiest way is to use 1 sd card and 2 usb sticks.. (I use a usb 3.0 for the os, so I will revert to this as the os stick)

Place the bootberry files on the sd card..
Place the img you downloaded on the. Usb 2.0

Plug everything into the raspi. Now bootberry will boot. Close the os choice screen. Now long press on “add os” you will see an option to choose your own source. Look for the img on usb 2.0. And install it on the usb 3.0

To get openelec in bootberry, you will have to download the update zip. Extract the zip folder and look for a folder named target. Take the big system file and rename it to openelec.img. Now do the same as before. Place it on the usb 2.0 and install it in bootberry.

Good luck!

Have I to install OpenElec in USB 3.0 too? Or in SD?