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[quote=91737]I’m not really certain starwing was as fast as the pocketsnes emulation. Pocketsnes runs really snappy but seems to be toooo fast. snes9x-next seems to run slower but there is no audio crackling or input lag. Retroarch runs at decent 60fps. I really think snes9x-next resamples the real behavior of the original hardware.[/quote]

Ahh, maybe with overclocking? I’m currently running without an overclock and when I tested Star Fox I was seeing 50ish fps, which did feel significantly slower. But it’s a good point that the original snes hardware struggled too, and more accurate emulators reproduce those slowdowns even while maintaining 60fps. For example Super Ghouls and Ghosts often exhibits a few slowdown points in the first level, but you can see the emulator is still running at 60fps.