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<path>./10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe).nes</path>

<name>10-Yard Fight</name>

<desc>The game is viewed in a top-down perspective and is vertical scrolling. The player does not select plays for either offense or defense. On offense, the player simply receives the ball upon the snap and either attempt to run with the quarterback, toss the ball to one of two running backs, or throw the ball to the one long distance receiver – basically the option offense. On defense, the player chooses one of two players to control, and the computer manipulates the others. The ball can also be punted or a field goal can be attempted.</desc>

<image>~/.emulationstation/downloaded_images/nes/10-Yard Fight (USA, Europe)-image.jpg</image>







this is the nes gamelist only one game so i have to go through each one and change it to where my boxart resides? or can i change them all at the same time to point to a folder of all artwork named the same? sorry for the noobness comming out of me here but we all start somewhere