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you can grab the image from here

note it is a rpi1 optimised image – will work on the rpi2. You can do a full binary install on it on a rpi2 to get rpi2 optimised binaries.

the installed RetroPie-Setup is tracking my branch


so once that branch is gone, if you want to continue using it, you will need to switch back to master (git checkout master)

updating it currently will get any new fixes I apply to my branch

new configfiles for those that like digging around:

/opt/retropie/configs/SYSTEM/emulators.cfg – contains the list of choices for emulators – only some systems have this when they have multiple emulators

~/RetroPie-Setup/supplementary/platforms.cfg – has a list of names and file extensions for platforms. if you wanted to add a file extension you can copy this to /opt/retropie/configs/all and add new ones (you will need to re-run the configure stage for the emulator in question with “ id configure” or via the gui menu 5 to reinstall / configure)

to switch emulator for a system or specific rom, you need to access the menu after launching a rom (when the screen is black). by pressing “x” or “m”.