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Can you Create a Background for Kodi (Xbmc) since you can install it now via the setup script and im thinking about just adding kodi to the es_systems file but a white background would break that idea completly :-)

ok i tried doing it myself but failed miserably. probably because i cant wrap my head around the svg.

as soon as i use this config in es_systems.cfg emulationstation wont boot up with segmentation fault.


	<view name="system">

		<image name="background" extra="true">

		<image name="logo">
		<helpsystem name="help">

	<view name="basic, detailed">
		<text name="system_name_1" extra="true">
			<size>0.45 0.16</size>
			<pos>0.527 0</pos>

		<image name="logo">
			<pos>0.025 0.079</pos>
			<maxSize>0.47 0.1</maxSize>
			<origin>0 0.5</origin>


i tried to use a modified version of the kodi logo and created a svg

cant upload the svg due to security error from the forum. but i basicly used the mobilefish online svg converter with the pgn