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I don’t how yours work with zip files but none of the emulators I used would except zip files or winrar files.I had to decompress everything.I been on it for about 12 days and cant get the classic xbox,xbo360,Ps3or any aftermarket controllers to work.I can control the sega genesis and snes emulator,the ports but thats it.I have all the roms for every system installed except mame.I wanna play my nes and all the rest.
I have used the auto config,and arch and still no luck.If you have time could you show you full settings listed in Retro arch.I have my j test working and also the Register configs but damn I still got nothing.Do I need to unplug the keyboard as well?Point me in right direction please!!! My head really hurts.I am super familiar with linux and windows but,I don’t know.