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I discovered this project just a couple of days ago. I kept trying to find cool stuff to do with my pi, and this project is just amazing, thanks!

I was trying to do the same a couple of weeks ago. Similar scenario, roms on a NAS, accessed through NFS and WIFI.
I had a empty /home/pi/RetroPie/roms folder, where I would mount my nfs share. And the nfs share will store roms just the way RetroPie expects them as configured by default on its es_systems.cfg file.

The problem I kept having was with mount permissions though. When adding the mount options on fstab, the directory would get mounted but won’t be readable by the pi user, even if directory permissions were fine before mounting. I didn’t try too hard, since I wanted to see the thing working first (I hadn’t even tried to have it working from the default roms folder)!

I will look into adding the mount commands on emulationstation as you did, that way I think I’ll get it right.

Just one thing I don’t get. What’s the problem exactly with the single mount?