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I’m running a pi2 at 1000MHz using berryboot and a usb harddrive and don’t seem to be having any lag problems so far. Only tested on playstation and mame so far.

I am also overclocked to 1,000MHz on the B+ but obviously the RPI2 has better specs.

Would you be open to trying one of these games (only ones I have) Suikoden 2, Resident Evil 2, Street Fighter vs Marvel, Final Fantasy Tactics, Breath of Fire 3, Crash Team Racing, to see if there is any sound lag in the intro videos?

I know that that is asking a bit but I would appreciate knowing if you have a different experience.

Sure, I’m loading games on the pi right now to try…will see if I can get some results tues or wed…..going out of town.

Thank you, this is much appreciated.