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[quote=88752]On my B+ I don’t have any issues whatsoever with the PSX emulator. But this requires an aggressive overclock and active cooling with heatsink and fan. It runs PSX at full speed with zero audio issues, lag, or long loading times when:


Note the above settings WILL set your warranty bit. However its been pretty stable and never goes above 55C with heatsink and fan. Using BT PS3 controller.

I have recently acquired a Pi2 and although it is noticably faster at many tasks, I did not see much of a difference with the PSX. It handles heavy action on the screen without dipping the frame rate, but that’s it. However N64 performance is MUCH improved, running Mario 64 and MarioKart 64 at full speed with literally ZERO glitches. However this isn’t the case with all games. Some simply do not run.

My Pi2 is overclocked to 1100.



What are your setting for the Pi2? I tried 1100 and just got the rainbow. I was going to get a heatsink and give it another try.