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Okay, I have it more or less working. LinApple appears to work, though I haven’t transferred any disks to it yet to see how well it works. Basilisk II runs. Had some problems at first, but once I followed the tips offered by Raygan Kelly in another thread, it seems to work better. The Atari 2600 emulator and Sega Genesis emulators seem to run as well.

* I cannot seem to use the \ key on the keyboard. My keyboard (Macally) is on the approved list, but I get a block character instead of a \ character, which doesn’t function the same, especially when I need to \ a space in a filename with spaces.
* Mapping game controls to the keyboard seems not to work out well. The Atari emulator, for example, wouldn’t recognize the key I had mapped as the “fire” button.
* Either the Atari-to-USB cable I bought is defective or my old controllers are no good. I suspect the latter more than the former, but, short of digging out the old Atari system, I don’t have a way of verifying. I imagine I am better off buying something new. Is there a USB game controller that functions well as a “universal” game controller that could be used with Atari 2600 and Sega Genesis games?

For those that use their systems heavily, are you still using an SD card or are you configuring the Raspberry Pi to use a USB hard drive? Since SD cards have a limited number of read/writes, I’m curious if it’s better to run off a USB hard drive rather than the SD card.

Thanks again!