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wow that scanline filter sucks. and audio (was expecting that). when running mame in windows with multiple cores, 6GB of RAM, and full mame configurations it was no big deal to do software shading. the pi is capable, but limited in that regard and it seems that while mame4all is solid with the older rom set it’s definitely limited. i’m also thinking about doing the dedicated neo geo emulator so i can get the full spectrum of neo geo games and not have to sift through the mame list. so I need something consistent and universally available for all emulators.

follow my logic here:

hdmi to vga + 3.5mm adapter. this allows me to connect my little lepai amp to the hdmi audio, which i understand to be better supported.

since I’m using a widescreen monitor that has vga input, converting the hdmi video to vga will allow me to insert an slg3000 into the video chain so that I can get more accurate scanlines and without bogging down the pi’s limited resources.

any issues with this train of thought?