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There are a few ways to get roms into it by default.

The one method most people use is to have their image on an SD card, running from USB. This keeps the roms and Retro Pie running from USB.

The second method is to load your roms into your SD card if you have Retropie on your SD card. All you have to do to do this is take a blank USB drive, plug it into the PI, wait a few seconds and then plug it into your PC and you will see a pre-built roms folder.

Information about downloading roms cannot be divulged on the forums as per this topic:

but I would invite you to look into the suggestion placed on this page which offers free and legal downloadable roms.

You can copy what roms you have into these folders and then plug this back into the PI, give this some time to do until you notice your USB stops flashing (This is the only method I’ve found at least). You can then reboot your device and this should have copied the roms into the SD card.

The third method which I haven’t been able to get working unfortunately is offloading your roms on an USB drive. This method is described in the article below but you’ll have to scroll down into the comments as it’s outdated. You do this so you can have your RetroPie Image on your SD card, and your roms on your USB. I’ve been looking to do this to save some money temporarily as I haven’t had the extra cash to pick up a 128 gb flash drive.

I’m no pro either but I hope that helps some.