Scott Nath
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Hi Thex,

Just wanted to drop a line that I’m still working on this. Your .pdf helped a lot.

* I did a completely new install of RetroPie from the SD Card Image v2.3.
* I followed the LifeHacker Article steps 1 and 2.
* Then I ssh’d in and changed /opt/retropie/configs/all/retroarch.cfg to follow your keymap charting exactly like this:

1. Modify the following lines:

input_player1_a = z
input_player1_b = shift
input_player1_y = ctrl
input_player1_x = alt
input_player1_start = num5
input_player1_select = c
input_player1_l = space
input_player1_r = x
input_player1_left = keypad4
input_player1_right = keypad6
input_player1_up = keypad8
input_player1_down = keypad2

2. Add the following lines:

input_player2_a = e
input_player2_b = w
input_player2_y = a
input_player2_x = s
input_player2_start = num6
input_player2_select = rightbracket
input_player2_l = q
input_player2_r = leftbracket
input_player2_left = d
input_player2_right = g
input_player2_up = r
input_player2_down = f

And that was it.

I did not install or enable the xarcadetojoystick code. Just changed retroarch.cfg and rebooted.

Following reboot Atari 2600 worked exactly right. I launched Gauntlet in MAME and it almost all worked except for Player 1’s joystick was not working.

I ran out of time there. But this week I will be revisiting this and trying games from all the systems I have. I’ll report back here when I have my findings.

thank you a ton for posting your notes,