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The rule is applied, so I guess it’s still SDL 2.0.1 being used.
The modified version you linked was for the old kernel actually (I hope you didn’t lost your time compiling this ^^).
You can use this module http://alex131089.info/rpi/ if it’s still the same kernel version, or use this modified source to compile the module against your kernel version : https://gist.github.com/Alex131089/01177d7bc593948cac9f/c1839f6f7fab66e78814afeefa4f65259d06e8a4#file-hid-wiimote-modules-c-L1003
Another solution would be to compile EmulationStation against SDL 2.0.2 at least.

Edit: btw,

How to “Nintendo Wii Remote Controller Classic” on js0?

It doesn’t necessarily have to be on js0 ;)