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[quote=82162]Guys, this is somewhat pointless. The time ES needs to load varies depending on the number of systems and ROMs present in your folders. If you overlay a video with omxplayer, you would have to stop the time ES needs to load completely for your individual installation. And then it’s only valid until you add more ROMS. The video would always play either longer than ES needs to get to the carousel or shorter.
EmulationStation is branded, it will stay like this, but you can always take the source, replace the svg for the logo and compile it. Easiest way.

It’s not pointless.

I’m not trying to cover up the EmulationStation logo, I am trying to cover up the RaspberryPi boot up messages. I time my video to end during the EmulationStation loading screen so that I can make sure that the branding is visible during boot up, and I also end my video with the EmulaitonStation logo so that there is, not only, a seamless transition between my video and the program but also so that I can ensure that the logo will be visible no matter how long it takes to boot up.

Replacing the svg is not the easiest way.
For somebody who has never worked with any type of programming before and is using this arcade machine project as an introduction to Linux, modifying source code and compiling would be a very daunting and difficult task.

Besides that, it actually isn’t as easy as replacing the svg and compiling. After you replace the svg, you have to run a script (after you’ve changed it’s permissions) that creates a file based from the svg, and then you have to analyse and modify that file before you compile otherwise it will fail. Also, if you are compiling on a RaspberryPi, compiling the source code takes multiple hours. This is not ideal for a beginner.

Making a simple modification to a splashscreen script and transferring a video file is much, much easier.