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Set up a B+ Pi in a Genesis II case for a Genesis/Megadrive emulator box. I’m using original Sega 6 button controllers. Most Sega games work fine with 6 buttons, but some don’t. The version of PicoDrive included with RetroPie is the same version used on GP2X. On the GP2X I can set the “mode” button to function. This version uses the RetroArch menu, so I don’t have that option anywhere in the menu. Is it possible to still set that up. The GP2X version also had the ability to set a global config file and a game specific config for roms that need special settings. Again RetroArch doesn’t have that anywhere in the menu. Is it possible to launch PicoDrive with its menu. Sorry if these are stupid questions, I’m a complete noob to the Pie and still learning how this stuff works.