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[quote=82031]Do you know why the <releasedate> node looks odd in the gamelist.xml but displays ok in Emulation Station?
This is the way EmulationStation chose to encode a datetime.

YYYYMMDDTHHMMSS since no releases have an exact time the second half is T000000 so YYYYMMDDT000000

[quote=82033]The only issue I am having is with unzipped .md roms. It seems to flag an error because of the file extension. Is there any workaround for this?
What error are you seeing exactly? is it just not matching hashes for any MD files or is it throwing some other error? I suspect there are issues in the way I’m converting these back to bin files for hashing. I just found an issue with my smd code. I’ll write some code to convert the bin file I have to a md and smd and see if the emulator plays it then I’ll know that the code is working.