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[quote=7235]I’m also having trouble with the neogeo.zip and the service menu. Could you possibly post a link (private message) to the correct bios?[/quote]

I don’t actually recall where I got my working neogeo.zip but I just googled it and checked various sites until I found one that was about 240KB in file size (My previous one had been about 1.2MB)

[quote=7124]After testing all Neo Geo games I can confirm that only 4 don’t work properly with piFBA:
* mslug3 (crash on launch)
* kof2000 (crash on launch)[/quote]

Actually I found that if you add the contents of mslug3.zip to the mslug3n.zip and then run mslug3n.zip in piFBA, it works perfectly! The same method also works for KOF2000 (again, just make sure once you’ve combined kof2000 with kof2000n that you leave the file named kof2000n.zip).

So nothing I’ve tried has fixed my issues with using gamelist.xml and still maintain the centered list…I read something that implied that basic mode puts the list in the center but regular mode (when using gamelist.xml) is designed to use frames for boxart and such…Is this true? It seems like the xml could be edited to get around that but I can’t seem to figure out what’s causing it to begin with.

And I know for MAME you have to create a cfg folder in the emulator’s directory…Is there a similar folder you need to create for PiFBA to get the dipswitch settings to save?