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[quote=7063]Well I guess I spoke too soon. Sega CD is indeed working great but TG16 CD is still not working at all…Not sure what to do since I have SYSCARD3.PCE in both the bios directory and the roms directory.

UPDATE: So yeah this last one was just my own oversight…I still have trouble remembering how intensely case-sensitive Linux is…

I renamed SYSCARD3.PCE to syscard3.pce and all is well…

there are some pce cd rom bios about, 5 i think, not sure if its these you’d be needing? i’ve not got round to this yet

CD-ROM System V1.00 (J).pce
CD-ROM System V2.00 (J).pce
CD-ROM System V2.01 (U).pce
CD-ROM System V2.10 (J).pce

Games Express CD Card 1993 (J).pce

not sure how their supposed to be named either,

please you got the Sega CD working