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[quote=6849]NES and Genesis emulation is flawless. The slowdowns people are referring to occurred with the original hardware, so the emulators are just recreating the experience accurately. I’ve compared current PC emulators and the Pi is every bit as good.

For SNES emulation it’s a different story. It runs at full speed but the audio emulation is way off even on PiSnes. It turns out that accurately emulating the audio chip in the SNES requires a lot of computational power and the Pi is not up to the task, so all the SNES emulators employ simpler but less accurate approximations of the audio. For many games the audio is WAY off. For example in Final Fantasy 3 the wind noise in the beginning sounds like bees.

But the Pi is great at emulating many systems including: nes, master system, genesis, mame, and turbo graphics 16


[quote=6847]So what I’m saying is that it does work perfectly. And when I hear people talking about overclocking, when that is completely unnecessary, it suggests to me that the problems people are having are introduced.

In fact, the games do run just as well as a decent emulator on a PC. Because that’s exactly what RetroPie with EmulationStation on an RPi is. NES and SNES are well within the processing ability of RPi, stock, out of the box, without overclocking.

My point is that yes, you are saying its perfect BUT more people are saying it is not.