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Genesis/SNES games run mostly at fullspeed.
But since almost every emulator on the RPi is optimized for speed and not compatibility you are bound to run into problems with obscure roms.

That said, there are roms that bring the speed of the emulators down, especially the current NES emulator. If you don’t want to tinker with your RPi you should better keep your hands off. As you see in this forum you will run into problems setting the hole thing up and you will find the limitations of the system.

I overclocked my RPi to values comparable to the Turbo settings and i’d say:

SNES: 99% (Depending on the game, some games have sound stutter)
Genesis: 100% (Haven’t run into any problems with this one)
NES: 90% (Lots of games run fullspeed but some have serious slowdowns)