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[quote=6100]I don’t use any special configurations for the basic emulators. My overclocking settings are on Modest (no overvolting). Have you tried other SNES games to see if they work? I believe Super Metroid is a 24Bit game. I can tell you that I haven’t been able to play any Sega 32X games; they all stutter and are unplayable. So maybe that is the problem with that specific game.<br>
NES, SNES, Megadrive, SMS are all working perfectly for me. ZX Spectrum, Atari2600, AmstradCPC are working too. MSX goes well for most games, but some might get very slow. FBA for NeoGeo games works well for some games (like Snow Bros and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs), while some cannot be executed (something that has to do with emulation itself; e.g. Metal Slug or KoF). [/quote]

I have a over clock of 900/333/500 with 4 overvolt and I can run Metal Slug and KOF Flawlessly at 60fps. Are you using PiFBA instead of the RetroArch core. PiFBA has much better performance.