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ok i’ve created a setup script to get all this working on retropie all you do is download the zip file and extract the files to the retropies desktop it should extract:


all you do then is make sure your retrode is connected to your pi and has a snes game slotted in it and if it has a save on the cartridge just back it up to the desktop just incase even though you shouldnt have any issues and make sure you know what its location is ie /dev/sda because the script will ask for it later but without the /dev/ part because it adds that itself then you launch terminal and do cd Desktop then chmod +x Retrode-Setup.sh then ./Retrode-Setup.sh to load up the setup script and it should take you through the process and do pretty much everything for you once complete just launch a rom from the pi not the retrode and change the saves and savestates directories from the ingame gui to the ones it creates then reboot and everything should be working you should now also be able to do the following commands in terminal:

temp = to get the pi’s temperature
shutdown = to shutdown
reboot = to reboot
retrode-conf = to edit the RETRODE.CFG file using leafpad but launched in a way that will let you edit the file successfully.
retrode-nano = the same as retrode-conf just all edited in the terminal window.

the first time you load the game from the retrode it will take a little while to load since it will play it directly from the cartridge (maybe 7-8 secs i didnt time it).

if you have any issues let me know..

Please respect the work ive put into this and dont alter my script in anyway or try to pass it off as your own..