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[quote=6104]I noticed that if you are using all the space on your sd card it will automatically delete some configuration files or XML files. Use df -h to see how much space you have and if you’re using 100%, try freeing up a gig, reconfigure your snes controller, them try again.

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Thanks for replying. I did what you suggested but space is not a problem as I have a 16gb 10 class SD card (33% used at the moment according to df -h)

Yesterday I played for over 3 hours before the gamepad lost it’s function. Used the keyboard to exit the emulator and lo and behold, the gamepad works again.

This is driving me crazy, guess I’ll need to keep a keyboard nearby at all times.

Btw, what is the key to exit a retroarch emulator? I tried Esc, F1 and F4 but they did not respond, at least not while playing NES. Controller exit binds works, when the controller is working that is.