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[quote=6088]I have PiFBA working near perfect, for NeoGeo, there are just a small number of games, at the moment 5 or so that don’t work, for me

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Are you using PiFBA or the FBA emulator? Source installations? Because using the RetroArch PiFBA works terrible for me, runs slow and the sound is horrible. FBA works well for “light” games (Snow Bros and Cadillacs and Dinosaurs running smoothly so far).

Either way, have you been able to run Metal Slug or King of Fighters? None of these run on any of the emulators (FBA or the other NeoGeo emulators). I have read around that there is something that has to do with the emulators running out of memory with the heaviest games. If so, can you post your configuration for the emulator? Thanks!