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Have you installed Picodrive AND updated the RetroPie config (one of the last options in the sources installation menu) using the script? Once you do that, you should be able to switch to the alternative command.
I do not know if once you installed a new emulator you can still perform the configuration alone to fix it. If you just installed Picodrive but did not update the config, you can add the alternative command by yourself (look for the line somewhere around the forum) or reinstall it along with the update option.
Hope this helps!

BTW, I am using Picodrive only for SMS, I did not find it much better than DGen for Megadrive. I would prefer to use Osmose for SMS (some ROMs are not working with Picodrive), but I am staying with PicoDrive because of the exit button…
Can someone give his/her opinion on this? Is really Picodrive better than Osmose and DGen? Why won’t some ROMs run in Picodrive?