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I’m glad to hear you enjoyed my project and that it inspired you to get started as well.

When I took off the screen casing the buttons were on a separate board and hanging from a ribbon cable, so I just folded the cable over and taped the board to the back of the screen.

Since the table lost a lot of stability when I started taking out the honeycomb filling I made a frame of solid wood exactly 5cm high (the internal table height). This frame surrounds the hole for the screen, I then bought some iron angles that the screen is played flat on to. They are attached to the wooden frame.

I adjusted the angles so that the screen is exactly 4mm down, and then covered it up with a piece of plexiglass.

It was then all covered by an aluminum frame that I ordered custom made.

You can see the rest here:


Good luck, let me know if you want to know more!

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