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tasti: That’s strange, as you say ES-scraper only edits the gamelist.xml file and downloads cover art, it shouldn’t cause the pi to not boot. I once got into a similar problem though when manually editing a gamelist.xml file and forgetting an end tag </desc>. I had to log onto the pi with an ssh client on the ipad and go through the xml file from there are fix it, after a rebott it was okay again. But scraper shouldn’t cause that.

As for neogeo, I have the file in the roms/neogeo folder, still zipped. There was some trouble to get the correct though, I eventually used one with the unibios files inside it. Some games still don’t load though and I haven’t solved that. This rom jungle and the mame complexity is the downside to this emulation setup, when I’ve spent too much time struggling to get a game to run properly I just put the head in the sand and delete the file and play something else instead. :P