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Finally i made a little program to manage my roms. (inspired by “Game List Updater” by lakeuk)

You can download it here :

You can put your own configuration in this file : ES-Manager.exe.config
For example for SNES

<add key="snes_name" value="SNES"/>
<add key="snes_pc_path" value="P:\RetroPie\Roms\snes"/>
<add key="snes_pi_path" value="/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/snes/"/>
<add key="snes_cover_width" value="825"/>
<add key="snes_cover_height" value="580"/>
<add key="snes_cover_width_alternate" value="580"/>
<add key="snes_cover_height_alternate" value="825"/>
<add key="snes_rom_extension" value="smc,sfc,fig,swc"/>
<add key="snes_gamesdb_machine_name" value="Super Nintendo (SNES)"/>

If you don’t want a repertory to be scrapped, leave the “pc_path” parameter blank