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[quote=5313] @toasti, I wrote my own script to generate the gamelist.xml file with proper names, but it’s not really in a state to share without some additional work. I’ll probably do this at some point when I have some more time.[/quote]

But if you have the script in a state ready to share, please Keep me in mind ;)

[quote=5317]Sigh. I still stumble upon games that have no sound after switching to mame4all_pi which I thought would erase all those problems. I’m using 0.37b5 roms. Why does these problems appear? Do I lack some files? Some roms complain about not finding neogeo.rom but most games start with ok on everything.[/quote]

Since a few hours I try to get gngeo running – sadly without success.
It freezes on the loading screen or I got only a black screen.
Any ideas?

I followed the instructions regarding bios files but nothing is working. :-(