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[quote=5227]Nice, glad it helped! For mame4all you need to set keys by launching a game and then hitting TAB on the keyboard. That will bring up the Mame menu and you can set keys from there. Whatever keys you set will be remembered going forward.

Never been a fan of ES-scraper. It’s always seemed like way more trouble then it’s worth, especially if you have a bunch of unlicensed or import games. It ends up guessing the wrong game and setting incorrect titles and images as a result. It’s also painfully slow to run on a large ROM collection.

Thanks! I will give it a shot again on the weekend.

ES-scrapper would be very, very nice but I also heard from performance issues with a lot of roms. I will try it again this weekend, maybe I get it working.
If not, is there another possibility to get a proper gamelist instead of shortcuts from the ZIPs?

Thanks for the game suggestions!

“Progear” was a game I was looking forward to play, but I think it’s to new that there is a 37b5 rom available.
Do you know a game like Progear that is working on the RetroPie or is there possibly a rom available for RetroPie and mame4all-pi?