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[quote=5260]retrofredde, I’m wondering the same thing. If you find a solution, please post it.[/quote]Yup I will. I’m a coding noob but I’ve been looking inside the .cpp files anyway, reason is I’ve seen some people talk about an analog dial on/off menu option that is in “this game” user interface config menu. When setting it to off the stick rotation goes away. But that option isn’t there in the pi port, at least not the latest one, if someone more experienced could find that option in the .cpp files for the pc version of mame4all then maybe we could just cut and paste it into the pi version and recompile?


At the bottom:

“I figured out how to play games on MAME with analog dial controls, like Ikari Warriors, TRON, etc.
Press TAB. go to player controls (this game) go down to where it says dial analog, select it with enter and press Esc to turn it off. Assign dial inc and dial dec to whatever keys you want to use. From the main menu go into analog controls and adjust dial digital speed to a managable level.”

This is what I’m talking about.