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Is there any way to deactivate the rotation/dial controls in mame4all_pi?

I’m trying to get Ikari Warriors playable.

The retroarch mame emulator manage this by putting the rotation on the L/R shoulder buttons, not perfct but definitely playable. But there is no sound in Ikari Warriors, and Bad Dudes have no music either, so since everyone is praising mame4all-pi I’m trying to switch over, if possible.

Mame4all_pi have sound, in both Ikari Warriors and Bad Dudes, but the rotation dial emulation is placed on the analog stick for some weird reason, which makes the character spin around like a ballet dancer when moving left or right… I’ve dug through the complete source code to hack it out manually in an desperate attempt to get it to work but can’t find where it’s activated.
I _think_ deactivating analog controls could work too, but the dpad isn’t working in this emulator.


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