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How do I close the emulator ?

I use a multiple key to force exit game then I’m back to the main screen:
Is that enough ?
Because as I said, it’s what I do; ( “I’ve tried to restart a new game, just reset retroarch; I found my profile into Zelda.” )
But if I unplug the power cable (after the reset) then power on I lost everything.

Can you be more specific ?
The problem came from unplug the power cable ?
Should I shutdown rertropie with the linux command: shutdown
How can I proceed knowing that I don’t have keyboard, only 2 gamepad.


I want to buy to use the power button from NES, but I think 13.50$ + $6 (Shipping outside US) is a little bit expansive just for using a power button.
I that the only way to solve my problem ?