Good morning! ;-)

I tried to find, but the websites are strange and I don’t want to download a Virus…

But I used a program this morning to convert roms to another version and now Metal Slug 2 is running. Could be a Little bit faster, but this should be fixed when I will overclock it.

The program only converted a few roms and for example mslug1 is not running.
When I switch over to pifba in the es_systems.cfg Mslug1 and 2 are loading, but I only see a black Screen.

I have found a few single 0375b roms, but they didn’t run. Maybe they are named as 0375b roms, but they aren’t? How can I find out which Version of rom it is?

Is there a way to use Mame4all and PIFBA with the RetroPie and Emulation Station? What’s about the separate Setup, is there a tutorial or something else?

Your help is much appreciated!