HI pet,

I seem to have made some progress, though I don’t know why I need to do it, and I run into another issue..

I used to be able to burn the 1.9.1 image plug in pads and they work fine, but this doesn’t seem the case..

But if I use the rpi-update and update the pi kernel, on reboot the pads start working again, the only problem is, none of the emulators work, they all complain about eeprom error (picodrive) and not being able to read config file (snescore)

I rebuilt the system with a source install last night, and thought the pads still work, none of the emulators started working.

do you have any idea, why i would now need to do this for the pads to work? and if there is a way i can do it without having to update and stuff? as that doesn’t seem to be working right for me..