Thanks for the replies guys.

I’ve added overscan_scale 1 to the boot config and that does fix a few problems in the emulation station part where bits before would cut off so that was a bonus.

I also added the below commands to “/home/pi/RetroPie/configs/snes/retroarch.cfg” – I noticed you put RetroArch/configs but I don’t seem to have that directory?

video_force_aspect = true
video_aspect_ratio_auto = true

I still have a problem with black borders although now it is different.


Is this supposed to be how it looks or am I doing something wrong?

I appreciate all of the help you have provided me with guys.


EDIT – I’ve attached my cfgs

EDIT – Seems to of fixed it by commenting disable_overscan=1

Cheers for the help again, I’m sure I’ll be back again lol