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[quote=4809]Which is odd because 1.25 is 4:3.

No. 4:3 is 1.33
1.25 is 5:4.

Anyways. Cutoff screen is usually an overscan problem.
Go to the console (exit emulationstation via F4)
Type “sudo nano /boot/config.txt
add the line “overscan_scale=1
press ctrl+o to save
press ctrl+x to quit
type “sudo reboot now
Retry the emulator.

And for the aspect ratio, edit your config
nano /home/pi/RetroArch/configs/snes/retroarch.cfg

Add the lines:
video_force_aspect = true
video_aspect_ratio_auto = true


This way the rom tells the aspect ratio, which is 8:7 snes-internally and then gets stretched to 4:3 automatically. And the forced aspect should keep it 4:3 no matter what the aspect of your display is.