“If you have one ps3 controller working over bluetooth, you only need to parse the second controller like the first, but with the first desconected I mean… and modify retropie.cfg for adding player 2.”

ok first off hello and thank you for getting me this far… I want 2 working ps3 wireless controllers to work…

Im at this stage and stuck: I have two controllers paired in sixad, on start up of retropie, I can choose either controler and press the ps button to pair it and it works fine for one player…. both controlers are capable of working as single player on start up… I can press the ps button on the second controller and I see it blink briefly then pair. but it is not working on menues or in game… interestingly if I start up for example an atarti2600 game then open the in game menu “f1” I see controller 1 as playstation controler etc, I then can change the player 2 controller to playstation, and when I go back in game the one controler is playing both players in game..

at this point I think im very close, I need to somehow have sixad uniquly register each controler.

ok I can not find jtest on my system, Ive loaded it, it says its there, but I cant sudo jtest /dev/input/js0(x) what/where is the command for this?

setup in menu to config, ONLY recognizes the first paird controler, never the second. Ive tryed adding MAC address to the two controller sections in es_input, ive edited the “all” config etc.

I think the real problem is the bluetooth (which is working great (asus)) and sixad is not understanding that there are 2 controlers. I start one first making sure its paired befor starting the other. Ive trying starting pairing before, during and after exiting retropie, nothing changes.

so I guess what im asking is… whats left to check? both pair and are the SAME address as blutooth when I sudo ./sixpair.

I guess I need a detailed walk through of the “need to parse the second controller like the first”

I SOOO CLOSE!!! help me PLEASE ( tearing out hair)

thanks in advance for responses… and believe me Ive got a dozen web pages up from forums trying to peice this together.. am soo close… ARG!!!

ill be very happy to post any config files or whatnot…

ADDITIONAL INFO: both p1 and p2.cfg are identical w exception of joypad_index = “0” and “1” respectivly, wondering if they need to be “00” and “01”