So I can load roms ok but I have no sound on any roms, anybody else encountered this? Also has anybody managed to map controls to a gamepad and where is the config for this stored, mame.cfg does not specify any controls apart from the front end controls.

Hi, not sure about the sound, but it seems on the 1.9.1 image the mame4all-pi installation is missing a few directories, a few of which are needed for roms/config files.

If you create a ‘cfg’ directory in the mame4all-pi directory, when you launch a game and change the general control settings (for all games) it should write a default.cfg file into the cfg directory. Any game you launch will also write it’s own config file in the same directory – I guess this is if you customise specific controls for that game.
If the ‘cfg’ directory doesn’t exist it seems any control configuration you make is forgotten next time you launch the emulator.

The ‘roms’ directory also needs to exist, as it looks in there for roms by default, unless of course you edit your mame.cfg file to point the rom path elsewhere (I did something like this with mine, can’t remember exactly though: rompath=/home/pi/RetroPie/roms/mame).

If you download or are using mame4all-pi from the author’s website these directories should already be in place. Not sure if these were removed from the image for a reason, but it seems they need to be there to configure the emulator properly.