tried making roms directory in original mame4all-pi folder, no go.

So I put the unzipped folder into “RetroPie” directory, and tried to launch with ./mame – no such file or directory. same when I try chmod. Should I be putting the mame4all-pi folder into another directory? Sorry for so many questions, I am really just starting out with this and hit the road block with galaga not working.

Also, if I do get this working, is there a way to clean boot the pi into the galaga/mame4all-pi rom?

edit: I was able to put the zip file in home>pi and successfully unzip and run the emulator with the commands you gave, however it still will not run galaga. When I ./mame it opens and says no roms available, when I ./mame galagamame (both .zip and unzipped files are in roms directory) it flashes the screen then says “game ‘galagamame’ supported”. It is a 0.37b5 file version