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@bairrdo, ah ok. The one included with RetroPie must be setup differently.
Can you try just making a directory called “roms” and putting your roms in it? You can either do that from X or the command line.

From the command line you would :

cd /home/pi/RetroPie/emulators/mame4all-pi/
mkdir roms

(and then move your roms to the new directory)

If that doesn’t work, read on…

I’ve been setting things up manually myself so I’ll give you the instructions that I know work. Let me know if you have any questions.

Download the official optimized zip here:

You’ll want this one, not the one for PiMenu:

You can unzip it on your computer and transfer the unzipped contents over to your pi. There should be a roms folder in that directory and everything should just work (though you may need to do the chmod command below)

Alternatively you can transfer the zip file to your pi and then do the following on the command line:

mkdir mame4all
mv mame4all
cd mame4all
chmod oug+x mame

Now you should be able to launch from the command line using:
./mame galaga (assuming that’s what the file is called. just don’t include the .zip extension in this command)