Jonathan Lundström
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[quote=2644]where did you get the side/front/rear panels to cover the bottom part of your table?[/quote]

The front panels are actually shelves that I picked up from IKEA. I took them to a friends house and used their industrial saw to cut them in order to fit them perfectly.

[quote=3291]Nice work.[/quote]

Thanks! :)

[quote=4366]This is absolutely fantastic! And a cup holder??? :-) I am looking at the same table right now in front of me in my living room….and I’m totally jealous.

Very creative!

Thank you! The cup holders are there since I did not want to use silicone to make everything waterproof. I want to be able to take it apart if I ever need to, so I figured cup holders were the next best thing.

If you have one and got the time, go for it. It’s a really fun project :)
I’m actually considering building a new version in a more designed table with hidden controls. If I ever get to that I’ll make sure to post it as well.