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Hi all,

You are absolutely right, all 1-Disk Games work fine, 2-Disk Games only if they were made to support a second drive (df1), which actually were not much games in the old times.
Key to make all working in a more clean way is IMHO still to fix the whole port for the rpi, as usually a menu is available in uae4all which will allow to swap disks, which seems not to be accessible on the pie implementation. I also did not read into hdf for now, but also feel first the menu should be fixed for RetroPie.
So my Scripts are only a “workaround” to make 1-Disk Games work and some 2-Disk ones…

Hmm hard to guess the issue but:
– did you copy a working kick.rom as mentioned in #3730?
– did you perform the “chmod +x” in the shell?
– could you check the manual steps in #3730 as the script basically does the same. Just share your Output if Errors occur during the manual way.